Our Uniqueness!

Before we explain our uniqueness, let us go back to the some of the definitions of 'Unique':


  • Being the only one! 
  • Being without a like or equal!  
  • Unusual!


Well, Indian Chess School really takes pride that all the aforesaid definitions are befitting for setting some unique trends in the field of chess!


Our core activities in the field of chess encompasses the following and we have a unique method in accomplishing the same:

1. Chess Training

2. Chess Tournaments

Please find our uniqueness for 'Chess Training':

State-of-the-Art Chess Training Hall:


The chess training hall of Indian Chess School at Don Bosco High School, Borivali is recognized as a ‘Standalone’! Equipped with chess tables, chess sets, chess clocks, wi-fi, projector, multimedia, this 600 square feet hall has provision to provide high quality chess training to 22 participants at a time.

Based on the theme of 'Go Green' - the wonderful decor coupled with photos of World Chess Champions creates a unique atmosphere, and emanating positive vibrations! 

Chess Curriculum:

The school has a set chess curriculum in form of 7-books (titled, 'The Chess Course'), which has been devised our founder, FI. Praful Zaveri. Through this curriculum it is easy to judge individual progress of student. In addition, our experience has shown that most of the students who completes the curriculum have attained chess excellence!

Qualified Chess Trainers

The chess trainers on roll with Indian Chess School are accomplished FIDE rated chess players with an admirable track record of imparting chess training. The trainers are well equipped to use the most modern training methods as per ICS methodology and their knowledge is supplemented through our special training course – ‘Training the Trainers’.


We stay connected with our parents through our portal from where they receive info of chess activities of their child. In addition to the above, we also have a quarterly PTA meeting to give them a feedback regarding the progress of their child

Dress Code:

Like any other school we too have a unique ‘Dress Code’ for our students. The purpose is not only to create a distinct identity for them but also to improve their personality.

The students are compulsorily required to be attired in ICS T-shirts not only in class but also while playing outside events. The slogan embossed on the T-shirt is simply inspiring:

"I look one move ahead . . . the Best one!! 

While playing international events, our students are attired in Blazer!

Regular Participation in Tournaments:

If you are a regular in any chess tournaments in Mumbai or the official tournaments at the State & National Level, you will find a sea of ICS players!! What is the reason for such a huge number of participation? Well, it’s simple - our training methodology ensures that our students gets prepared for the wonderful world of chess tournaments! This is fun!! 

From the onset of their training (after mastering the basics), the students are encouraged to participate in various levels of chess tournaments:

  • Open/Category Tournaments
  • District Selection Trials
  • MSSA Inter-School Chess Tournament
  • State Schools Championship
  • National Schools Championship
  • State Selection Trials
  • National Youth Championship
  • Asian Schools Championship
  • World Schools Championship
  • Commonwealth Championship
  • International Open Tournaments

Churning Out Champions:

Our regular participation in tournaments has resulted in our students finding a regular place in the prize list at the all the levels of chess tournaments.

Alaina Vincent: 7th place in Girls U-9, World Schools Chess Championship 2015

RiditNimdia, Joint 2nd, Dubai Junior Chess Championship 2014

Organizing Quality Chess Tournaments:

Indian Chess School has acquired an admirable track record of conducting number of chess tournaments, which includes FIDE Rating Chess Tournaments, State Schools Chess Championship, District Selection Trials and other events.

Of all the events organized till date (more than 25), the biggest was IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Junior and Open Event. With a prize fund of 7.50 Lakhs the Junior event was billed as the 'Richest Tournament for Juniors in the World'!

The tournament, which was conducted in the Multi-purpose Hall of Mount Litera High School at Bandra-Kurla Complex is considered as one of the finest chess venues in Mumbai.


Chess Equipment:

One of the pre-requisite of holding a quality chess tournament is having sufficient chess equipment pertaining to international standard and, we take pride that we are fully equipped in this regard. Indian Chess School has an inventory of:

1. FIDE approved Digital Chess Clocks (DGT 3000 & DGT 2010)

2. Electronic Chess Boards for 'Live Transmission' of games

3. Wooden Chess Set (Staunton Weighted Chessmen & Flat Wooden Boards (2.25" square)

4. Chess Tables with Decorative Covers

5. Acrylic Display Stands for Table Nos

6. Acrylic Display Stands for Player's Name Plate

7. Licensed Copy of FIDE approved pairing software - 'Swiss Manager'  

8. Android Application - ICS Live! for transmission of Live Games of our tournaments on smart phones and tablets

Chess Exhibitions/Contest:

Apart from hosting tournaments, we boost creativity of the children by conducting unique chess exhibitions and contest. The biggest of them was a mega simultaneous display by Grandmaster AbhijitKunte against 155 our students!! Staged at MCF Sports Complex, Borivali on 05th January, 2014 - this blockbuster event was billed as ‘Indian Chess School v/s AbhijitKunte and received unprecedented publicity on television (Live Coverage on Local Cable Network ‘YouScod) and website (Webcasted Live).

A marathon effort of 8-hours witnessed GM AbhjitKunte (former Commonwealth & National Champion) winning a whopping 145 games, drawing 8 and losing 2-games!! This efforts created a new Indian National Record for most games played in a simultaneous chess display, surpassing the previous record of 150 games.