Team ICS

“The mediocre teacher tells. 

The good teacher explains. 

The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires!!


William Arthur Ward


A great teacher inspires!! Yes, I have had the privilege of having an inspirational trainer in FST & IM Jovan Petronic. My stint with him at the Singapore International Chess Convention 2007 and FIDE Trainers' Seminar at Chennai in 2008 changed my outlook towards chess training. I immediately noticed the immense effect of his training in the way I trained my students. It made me work hard to bring the best out of my students!!

The results are there to see as we were able to churn out champions in almost all the levels of chess tournaments and at the greatest frequency. We desire to continue this legacy by having one of the best team of trainers. 

We feel that a trainer who has gone through the trials and tribulations of chess tournaments is bound to discharge his role effectively by passing on the wealth of his experiences to the students. As such, Indian Chess School has taken in its fold the trainers who have had a very good experience of playing tournaments regularly (most of them are still playing!!), are experienced enough to handle children's training effectively, full of energy and who are filled with abudant love and passion for this wonderful game of chess! 

Before commencing the chess training activity, each of the trainer is mandatorily required to undergo training as per 'ICS Methodology' so as to help them dischage their role effectively.