Getting Involved

The school will offer ‘Chess’ as one of the activity for their students. This activity can be scheduled before or after the close of school hours.

The program offered by us is as under:
Program Offered: Program Offered: 2-Year Integrated Chess-in-School Program (For Students of Grade II to VI)
Age Eligibility: 7+ to 14 years of age
No. of Sessions/Year:
No. of Sessions/Week:
Session Duration:
72 sessions (Total 150 sessions over 2-years)
2 sessions/week
60/75 Minutes/Session
Batch Size: 20/30 Students/Batch
Student -Trainer Ratio: 1 Trainer for a batch of 20/30 Students
Trainer’s Dress Code: Trainers: Formals with Tie
Children: School Uniform
Teaching Method: Multimedia with latest chess software
Chess Curriculum: Structured & Defined
Trainers: Qualified & Trained as per ICS Methodology
Connectivity with parents/school: Portal of Indian Chess School PTA Meeting (3 meetings/year)
No. of Internal Tournaments:
CIS Member’s Inter-School:
Assured Participation in: Inter-Schools/State/National Schools
Encourages Participation in: Asian & World Schools
Awards of Trophies/Medals: Yes, with School’s Name & Logo
School’s Affiliation With: Maharashtra Chess Association (CIS)
Other Chess Activities: Quiz Contest
Chess Exhibition
Talent Scouting of promising players: Yes
Infrastructure Required: 1-Classroom (Multimedia)
School Hall for training games/tournaments
Indian Chess School will equip it with:
  1. Chess Tables & Chairs
  2. International Standard Chess Sets
  3. FIDE Approved Digital Chess Clocks
  4. Wi-FI Network for ‘Live’ chess games