Why Join Hands With Us?

Chess Curriculum

The school has a set chess curriculum, which has been devised our founder, FI. Praful Zaveri.

Through this curriculum it is easy to judge individual progress of student. In addition, our experience has shown that most of the students who completes the curriculum have attained chess excellence!

Chess Trainers

The chess trainers on roll with Indian Chess School are accomplished FIDE rated chess players with an admirable track record of imparting chess training. The trainers are well equipped to use the most modern training methods as per ICS methodology and their knowledge is supplemented through our special training course – ‘Training the Trainers’.

Chess Equipment:

Indian Chess School is fully equipped with latest chess equipment and technological advancement for successful implementation of its ‘Chess in Schools’ program.

We have any array of chess equipment and have applications:
  • International Chess Sets,

  • Digital Chess Clocks,

  • Chess Software for Training

  • Chess Software for tournaments

  • ‘Live Game’ Chess application with Tablets

  • Chess Tables & Chairs.

All this material would be sourced to the schools who are joining our program.

Chess Technology

Indian Chess School is using ‘ChessWorks’ - a unique chess application developed by IITaan, Vishal Shah (former international player & one of our foremost student!), 

This application not helps in transmitting the chess game ‘Live’ on internet but also helps the student in creating his own database of games played.

Chess Tournaments

The success of any chess program depends on chess tournaments, which are really fun! Children await tournaments and that is the simple reason why we organize chess tournaments at regular intervals.  In last five years, Indian Chess School created an admirable track record of conducting numerous official tournaments right from Inter-Schools to International Chess Tournaments. The chess fraternity looks forward to our tournaments in view of high standards of chess organization in terms of infrastructure provided.

In-House Tournaments:

Once students are through with basics of the game, they would be initiated into the wonderful world of chess tournaments! Such competition fosters interests, promotes mental alertness, challenges all students, and elicits the highest level of achievements!

Your Own Chess Team:

The in-house tournaments will help us to scout talents & students who shows potential to excel at top level of chess tournaments would be given specialized training so that school will have an excellent team to compete at Inter-Schools, State Schools & National Schools.

Inter-Schools Chess Championship:

This event signals the presence of schools! And, event becomes synonymous with schools who excel. Our endeavor would be to send school’s team for as many event as possible.

State/National/Schools Chess Championship:
The hierarchy of chess tournaments in India (and across the world) is as under:
  • School Level:
    District – State – National – Asian – World
    (each level of event serves as qualification for the next)

    Under-7, Under-9, Under-11, Under-13, Under-15 and Under-17
    (separately for Boys and Girls)

  • District/State/National Schools Chess Championship:
    (each level of event serves as qualification for the next)

    Under-7, Under-9, Under-11, Under-13, Under-15 and Under-17
    (separately for Boys and Girls)


We stay connected with our parents through our portal from where they receive info of chess activities of their child. In addition to the above, we also have a quarterly PTA meeting to give them a feedback regarding the progress of their child

Beyond Schools:

Once the program is initiated, talents would start surfacing from amongst the students and, they would become a force to reckon with at the National & International Chess Arena. Such students would be given support so that they can realize their potential.