It's fun time at ICS! The joy of meeting again, the joy of sharing new ideas, the joy of playing in a competitive but festive atmosphere to re-kindle the spirit of competition!! ICS invites all its students for a Sunday bash on  06 March 2016 at the 'School Hall' of Don Bosco, Borivali.

Of all our events, I always look forward to Inter-Class events for its rejuvenating nature. It's really nice to see students from various ICS centers gathers together to play the great game of chess. This exposure not helps them to cope with other tournaments but also accelerates their progress. For new students, it's simply a great way to make debut in world of chess tournaments.

The tournament flyers has been distributed to the students, has got displayed on the notice board and messages sent on ICS WhatsApp group. However, you can still find the gist of event:

Event: ICS Inter-Class 2016 (1st edition of this year)

Date: 06 March, 2015

Venue: Don Bosco High School (School Hall),

Categories: Under-08 (Born on or after 1.1.2008), Under-10 (1.1.2006), Under-12 (1.1.2004) & Above-12 (Born prior to 1.1.2004)

Number of Rounds: 5/6 Swiss League Tournament

Time-Control: 25m+10s/Player

Reporting Time: 09.30 am

1st Round: 10.00 am

Prizes: 10 Medals in each category (Total 40 Medals)

Dress Code: ICS Uniform (strictly, no participation if not attired in ICS Uniform)

Entry Fee: Nil

Last date of Submitting Entry: 05 March 2016 (No spot entries)

Please note that students are not expected to bring their chess sets. We will be providing chess clocks, score-sheets, balls pens, etc.

Join the fun!!