The schools adopting chess as a subject or as an extra-curricular activity is common however, when Dr.Rajeev Singh of Terna Vidyalaya from Nerul approached me last year that he wanted to introduce chess as a compulsory subject for all its 1300+ students, it dawned upon me that this was not going to be just any CIS program but the one that would require extraordinary preparation!

The first stage was to 'Train the Teachers' and we started this in right earnest by training their 9-teachers. The program lasted for 20-hours over 3 days and it was simply a great challenge to train teachers who had virtually no background of chess! However, to my surprise all these teachers matched our expectations by successfully completing the beginner's course.

We have a grand inauguration of this program on the International Chess Day' - 20th July, 2016!!

My sincere thanks to Dr.Rajeev Singh and the management of Terna for believing that chess can do wonders for children!!