The evening of 25 September 2016 will be etched in the memories of all those were present for a long, long time! For, on this day all of us at ICS had an opportunity to interact with IM Sagar Shah (GM in the making!), Founder of Chessbase India. I will simply term this: 'An Evening with IM Sagar Shah'

The ocassion was the prize giving ceremony of ICS Super-Sunday tournament, which was held at our Alma Mater - Don Bosco High School, Borivali. Before, I come to as the point as to how this evening was made memorable by Sagar (I still see him as a young kid - playing the Bournvita Inter-School Chess Tournament) let me cover the tournament part:

The idea behind my concept of 'ICS Super-Sunday is to ensure presence of all my students from 4-centers across the city where they participate in a tournament to enhance their skills on a regular basis. Thus, the ICS Super-Sunday of 25/09/2016 attracted 102 kids who played this event in a fun-filled atmosphere but in a highly competitive spirit:

 The inaugural meeting to apprise parents and students

 The tournament was held in 4-categories; namely U-8, U-10, U-12 & A-12 for a 5-round league with a time-control of 25+10. On our instructions, each of the students made it a point to record their game neatly!

The chiildren are provide infrastructure availbale at an international event (the only missing thing is air-conditioned hall but I feel this day is not too far!)