As reported in our previous report, the friendly online match between Zugdid Sports Chess School (ZSCC) from Georgia and Indian Chess School ended in a thrilling 2-2 draw. Here is the report and all the four games.

Board 1: Sartainia Giorgi of ZCS (1664) v/s Ved Shubham of ICS (1558)

It was a King’s Indian with White going in for early deviations with 4.Bg5 however, Shubham was about to maintain equality and his position started getting better after he was able to fracture the king-side pawn structure of Sartainia. 

A tactical skirmish allowed him to win a pawn on the 35th move ((diagram after Black’s 34…Qe4+and converted the advantage to a full point on move 59.

Board 2: Soni Deepak R of ICS (1482) v/s Naqopia Giorgi (1616): 

 On board 2 Naqopia surprised Deepak with Nimzowitsch which later got transposed to Scandinavian and also won a pawn by move  7 however, his eagerness to exchange pieces made him waste too many moves with his Queen and also saddled him with jammed king-side. With a Knight sacrifice, Deepak was able to expose Black’s King and win his Queen to win the game in 41 moves.

Board 3: Shamatova Nikolz of ZCS (1284) v/s Kunder Pratik of ICS (1067)

The board 3 game between Shamatova and Pratik was irregular Queen Pawn opening, which went on equal footing till move 29 however, an inaccuracy in time-trouble by Pratik allowed Shamtova to win material and put Zugdidi in lead (this was the first game to conclude).

Board 4: Dhanorkar Tejas of ICS (1039) v/s Shonia Nia of ZCS (1155)

In this game Tejas was better all the way and an error by Shonia on move 23 would have allowed Tejas to win a full piece:

Thus, the match ended in 2-2 and honours were shared by both the teams.

As for players, it was a unique experience of playing as a team against a team from other part of the world and, they are now looking for such type of events in future.

Thank you Giorgi and Zugdidi