I can mark 30th May, 2014 as a 'Red-Lettered' day of my chess career as I had an opportunity to meet the legendary, GM Viswananthan Anand during the MCL player's auction at Pune.

This meeting would not have been possible without the help GM Abhijit Kunte and our Chairman, Shri Ravindra Dongre. My big thanks to both of them!!

My earlier meeting with Anand dates back to the year 2000 when Anand was felicitated by the then Governer, P.C. Alexander at Rajbhavan for winning the World Chess Championship. I distinctly remember that a sum of Rs.5 Lakhs awarded by the Government of Maharashtra was immediately donated by him for the earth quake victims of Gujarat. Bravo!

Of course, I can say that I was sitting very close to him (as a spectator!) during the WCC at Chennai. I was also fortunate to find a seat next to Aruna Anand during the 4th game! The event highlighted Anand's yesteryear's pictures & I brought some vivid memories of Anand from that event. Here is the file photo of Anand with former India international K. Murugan from NLC.

The pleasing personality that he is, he immediately obliged autograph seekers and posed for photograph! I will cherish the two photographs I had with him.

My introduction to Anand by Abhijit as the pioneer of the 'Live Chess Game' application was simply a momentous occasion! However, I took courage to inform Anand that the real credit goes to my earliest student - one of the top sub-junior players of India before the turn of century and now a great techie, IITaan, Vishal Shah. Thanks, Vishal!!