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ICS  has helped 1000’s of Students to become International /FIDE rated chess players, Our goal is to assist you in reaching your fullest potential and achieving International FIDE rating and getting FIDE titles like GrandMaster and International Masters.
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Sandesh Nagarnaik

Sandesh Nagarnaik

International Arbiter (IA)

Age: 48 years, FIN: 25649833,
Peak FIDE Rating: Nil
Chess Title:  International Arbiter (IA)
Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)
Training Experience: 11 years
Dr. Rajesh Nair

Dr. Rajesh Nair

Developmental Instructor (DI)

Age: 49 years, FIN:  35097164 ,
Peak Rating: 1227
Chess Title: Developmental Instructor (DI), FIDE Arbiter (FA)
Qualification: PHD
Training Experience: 11-years 
Jagannathan Govind

Jagannathan Govind

Age: 47 years,
FIN: 46672435,
Peak Rating: 1430
Training Experience: 8-years
Qualification: MBA (International Business & Marketing)
Sudhir Pimple

Sudhir Pimple

Age: 39 years, FIN: 25663232,
Peak FIDE Rating: 1145
Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce
Training Experience: 9-years
Vivek Mahajan

Vivek Mahajan

Age: 22 years, FIN: 25102877
Peak Rating: 1206
Qualification: Diploma
Training Experience: 2-years