ICS Workshop Off to a Great Start!

The inaugural workshop of GM Pravin Thipsay , which has been organized by Indian Chess School got off to a wonderful start with 19 aspiring young minds (including 9 FIDE rated) taking part.

The legendary GM (the only GM from Mumbai city) shared his journey as a player who had developed passion for chess and who worked his way to become the first Indian player to earn a GM norm, winning 7 National titles and being decorated with Arjuna Award.

In this 3-day workshop GM Thipsay will be covering the following 2 topics:

1) Successful Startegy for King-side Attack

2) Counterattack

The workshop will conclude on 17/12/2020 with clock simultaneous display.

FT. Praful Zaveri

Indian Chess School

GM Thipsay Photo credit: Amit Sharma