chess profile

Praful Zaveri
FIDE ID : 5020050

Chess Titles

1) FIDE Instructor (FI) in the Year 2007.

(I am the 1st Indian Chess Trainer to be awarded this title)

2) FIDE Arbiter (FA) in the Year 2018

3) FIDE Trainer (FT) in the Year 2020

Best Performance

Joint 3rd Place in Colombo International Open in February 2007.

Trainer’s Profile

  1. I am the founder of Indian Chess School. In a training career spanning more than 25-years, I have successfully coached more than 3000 students.
  2. I have introduced chess-in-schools program in more than 12-schools in Mumbai from 2010 to 2020.
  3.  I have trained 78-trainers from the Goa State Chess Association for their chess-in-schools program in the year 2019 & 2020.

Best Performance by the Students in International Events:

Alaina Vincent:     7th Place, World Schools 2015 at Pattaya, Bangkok

Ridit Nimdia:    Joint 2nd in Dubai Junior International Championship 2014

Soham Palkar:  Joint 4th in Dubai Junior International Championship 2014

Ridit Nimdia:    3rd Place, World Schools 2009, Turkey

Produced Countless Winners at Inter-School, District, State & National Tournaments

Chess Recognition

Nominated by FIDE


FIDE Trainers Seminar at Botswana (West Africa) in 2008.

Nominated by AICF

Coach of the Indian Chess Team for

  1. Asian Schools, 2014 at Taichung Taiwan
  2. World Schools, 2015 at Pattaya, Bangkok
  3. Asian Youth, 2015 at Suwon, South Korea
  4. World Cadets Chess Championship 2017, Brazil
  5. Abu Dhabi Grandmasters Chess Tournament 2019


  1. ‘Orientation Seminar for Coaches’ – Chennai 2009

Tournament Organization:

More than 100 Tournaments


State Schools/State Championships

 National Championships

 International Championships

 Asian Zonal Chess Championship (1999)

 Commonwealth Chess Championship (2006)

 IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Open (2016 & 2019)

  • Billed as World’s Richest Junior Tournament

Chess Seminars :

Chess Training at Bangkok – 2008

International Chess-in-Schools Seminar, Armenia – 2016

International Chess-in-Schools Seminar, New Delhi – 2019