About ICS


ICS or the Indian Chess School is the chess school with a complete, balanced, comprehensive, and holistic education system that will propel your child in a walk of life through the medium if chess.

Headed by Praful Zaveri, it id recognized as the country’s premier chess training school.

what does it offer?

ICS has a team of qualified team of professional & trainers led by Praful Zaveri – a globally certified trainer of the World Chess Federation.

It offers exposure & training in diverse arenas spanning      Armenia, Botswana, Barzil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal,  Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand & UAE.

what does it do?

It offers structured, hoslistic and compreshensive chess curriculum.

ICS also offers structured training hall at all the ICS centres, each one powered by white-labelled online chess training platform.

ICS boasts an admireable track record when it comes to organizing tournaments from the districts to international level and it has churned out winners at all level; from inter-school and international tournaments.

what does it accomplish?

How does ICS help?


Improves academic performance   

Promotes intellectual growth         

Advances logical & critical thinking process

Uncovers hidden talents                     

Brings awareness of the action consequences connection   

Develops thinking, memory & attention spans

Enhances patience & reasoning

THE Facilities


Indian Chess School offers a wide range of facilities in it’s bid to provide concise, comprehensive and complete training to it’s students.


The Latest technology.

Supportive infrastructure.

updated regimens.

traditional training

ICS offers the best in-classroom teaching with state-of-the-art classrooms at each centre, which are fully equipped with chess equipment. ICS has created chess curriculum that encourages one to question the status quo & think differently. Our training is informed & strengthened by our accredited trainer, their by ensuring exposure to lasted thinking & theory.

training through tournaments & workshop

To bring out best in child, we offer chess tour at various destinations (International & across India) for complete and holistic exposure.

Students are also given the opportunity to attend various workshops designed by Grandmasters, both Indian & International.

training through technology

Our traditional method of chess training is supplemented by cutting-edge technology that allows easy access to a range of support, tools & research to help study.